Monday, September 9, 2013


"How is Master Taran Zhu?" Bladewisp asked, concern clear on his face.

Kraft shrugged. "I barely got him out of there in time. Veexie and Zetsuen healed all they could just beside the explosion but we had to evacuate the Master of the Shado Pan to Binan Village for further healing." The rogue had risked his life to swoop in at the very last second, carrying the gravely injured Master of the Shado Pan to relative safety.

Jizal slammed his fist into a nearby wall. "That madman Garrosh has much to answer for."

Mal shook her head. "That orc has gone too far. He will pay for his crimes."

Bladewisp pulled an arrow from his quiver. "My advance condolences to our Warchief then. Our path leads to Orgrimmar and Garrosh Hellscream's front door."

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