Monday, November 2, 2009

Raid Instances

So what's Rage On been working on lately?

Well, a normal raid weekend for us starts with Trial of the Crusader (10-man) followed by either Onyxia's Lair (10-man) or Vault of Archavon (10-man), depending on who controls Wintergrasp at the conclusion of our initial raid instance. At this point, we break for lunch.

After lunch, we usually head for Ulduar (10-man) where we clear up to Auriaya. If time permits, we'll go further.

On Sunday, we'll continue with a full clear of Ulduar, time and circumstances permitting.

In my next post, I'll talk about more hunter-centric topics. :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Rage On is a casual raiding guild with the stated aim of progressing to end-game content.

The history of our guild is a long and involved one. We used to be part of a larger guild back in the Bloodhoof-US server. A group of us, mostly Pinoys and a few Aussies, felt the need to run 10-man content on a more consistent basis. At this point, our previous guild was trying to run 25-man content with limited success. Guild leadership was spotty at best and was, mostly, nonexistent. So we started running 10-man content ourselves. Back then, this meant Naxxramas-10 runs on weekends. Our raiding expertise and gear made this content quite challenging but we powered through. Pretty soon, we were doing 10-man progression runs that the rest of our guild had never experienced.

Guild drama ensued.

Our old guild was made up primarily of people who lived in the United States, making raiding in their time zone problematic at best. Therefore, the original progression raiding team decided to transfer to a GMT+8 server which would make raiding (and recruiting) easier. While we still had raiders from the United States, they were of a mindset with us. We were all on the same page.

And so we moved to the Nagrand-AU (or US, I'm still confused about that) server which was the default GMT+8 server. We continued our Naxxramas-10 runs, graduating to Eye of Eternity and up to Sartharion-2D (we have yet to down Sarth-3D). At the moment, we've done full clears of Trial of the Crusader on 10-man normal mode. We've also cleared Ulduar-10 up to Yogg-Saron but have yet to down Algalon.

All this raiding has, I believe, been quite remarkable especially for a casual raiding guild that only raids on weekends. I'd like to think that any of our so-called "Gold Team" raiders would be at the upper tier of raid experience, skill, and gear.

And that's progression. Looking back, it's been quite a journey from when I was a level 1 Night Elf Hunter n00b on the Bloodhoof server. Here's to more raids in the future. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aimed Shots #1

Greetings to all from Bladewisp, Level 80 Survival Hunter on the Nagrand-AU server!

When I started playing, I was Silverwisp on the Bloodhoof-US server. Many things have happened since that fateful day in Sep2008 when I created a toon using the free 10-day trial account.

Decided to start this blog to chronicle all the stuff going on in my virtual life lest I forget them over time.

For the Alliance!