Monday, April 19, 2010

Hiatus and Transformation

Given our guild's recent upheaval and inactivity on the raiding landscape, I will now be officially placing my main character, Bladewisp, on sabbatical. He'll show up from time to time only for inventory management purposes and other such mundane tasks. Otherwise, he'll be cooling his heels on the bench, so to speak.

Doesn't mean I'll stop playing though. Allow me to introduce my new Horde alt, Zaytsev, orc hunter. I'll be focusing on leveling him up so as to experience life and leveling Horde-style.

In case you're curious, Zaytsev is the name of a Russian sniper back in WW2 which formed the basis for the movie "Enemy at the Gates" starring Joseph Fiennes and Jude Law. Cool huh?

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